Jenny and Audrey.

Jenny and Audrey.

Jennifer and I did a look alike photo shoot back in 2011.
Isn’t this cute? Now that I have acquired more skill in the realm of photography, I’d like to re shoot this. Maybe choose a different pictures.

I didn’t want this post to be about photo shoots, so I am going to cut that subject off while I’m ahead.

A delayed ‘relish’ from  Thursday, January 10th, 2013.

We’ve been enjoying a wonderful warm front this week.The first week of January was bitter cold, but this week has been leaking signs of spring. Thursday was the most glorious. I went on two walks today! Once with Jenny then with Brooke. Jenny and I walked approximately three miles at 4:00 pm, then Brooke and I went approximately two miles at 8:30pm. I did have many things that needed to be done, such as transplanting roses, building a fence, vacuuming my room, laundry, the list is endless and I won’t bore you with the details. I blame it on the wind; the wind lured me out again and again! He enticed me, I couldn’t stay away.

Brookie brought her iPod with her when we walked and she let an instrumental celtic Pandora station play the whole length of our walk. Aaa, the breeze was exhilarating! The leaves in the trees applauded the song of our laughter which blended so fluently with the chorus of  whistles and wind. It was such a happy night. Blustery bliss!

Whenever we have days like this I go to a place in my mind, a familiar place I’ve gone to before; I close my eyes and take a deep breath in. The fuzzy colors in my mind fade to black and then I see it! Slowly coming to life, I see the place, the vision I visit so often, my sweet escape:There I am, alone, crouched low enough to hug my knees, at the top of a hill looking down on the endless curves, bumps and dips in the patchwork landscape beyond me. As far as the eye can see, rolling green. A gentle breeze passes by and kissed my face tenderly. The wind played with a few strands of hair that managed to escape from my sloppy braid. Peace settles deep with in my heart as I rise to my feet  to better absorb my vivid surroundings. The sky is a dark smokey grey, and the contrast of vibrant chartreuse backdrop to the marbly charcoal canopy is invigorating. Suddenly, I have an urgent completion to run. So I run. I run run run. My endurance is endless in my ‘world’. I am a perfect athlete. My dress has a long flowy skirt, light blue with white floral print and many pleats. All I hear is the wonderful ‘swoosh’ sound it makes against the movement of my legs. My footsteps pound on the fertile grassy pasture beneath my toes; the grass is cool and my heart sings along in a perfect rhythm to my breathing. I feel alive, I feel powerful, almost enough power to take flight!  The dream ends with me running. I run and run until I run into reality. Or really reality runs into me. Soon this warm front will pass and cold will be back. Frost will adorn my roses and ice will fill my lungs. I always have my field in my mind. My warm grassy fairyland. I can’t wait to be there.


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