This is near where I live, and what I get to look at everyday. Isn’t beautiful?
I’ve been on countless runs, walks and bike rides and I have yet to tire from this scenery. In fact, I choose this rout continually intentionally.
These photos were taken in the fall, but I wanted to share them now while it was on my mind.
Today the weather was like an early spring night; cool, but ever so subtly warm. I went on a walk with Brooke tonight and we just soaked in the night air. I felt consumed with longing for summer nights.
When I returned home from my walk, my brothers were still outside around the campfire, just were I had left them (I was hoping they would be). I treasure the moments when I can sit back and fade away into the silence of my mind and devote my energy to listening to my brothers talk and sing, and ask questions. I love their voices and their hands; sweet little sticky marshmallow hands.
The fire was soulful, as fires usually are. The boys found sticks and poked around in the embers, trying to get them to catch on fire. The ends would singe and turn bright orange, and just that tiny glow was enough to delight them. My personal favorite is when the fire ‘burps’ and shoots sparks flying into the sky. The flame looked so free spirited, dancing to the song of our conversation. I used to imagine that the sparks that flew were fairies being born and flying away home. I’d watch them for as long as I could until they poofed away into nothing. I had a short moment of solitude just after the littles left (bedtime) and I play a couple of song on my guitar. As I sung, the fire calmed to a quiet hum, almsot as if I had lulled it to sleep. He said his farewells and faded into the ground. I then gathered my things and went inside. It is now 12:05 am. I am very tired but I just wanted to make a post about my lovely day. Longer than most, but this my blog, so I will write as much or as little as I want (I need to remind myself that I am in charge. There is no standard! ).

Oh! I also had a delightful vist with Sarah today. Titus melts my heart.


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