Spilled Glitter.

Spilled Glitter.

Last night, I drove up through the mountains with my mother and two of my sisters. The drive was quiet, and life was calm. The air was cold and icy, so crisp and refreshing. I was tempted to escape the comfort of my own toasty car and join the chilly January bliss. I peered out my window and looked out into a rolling pasture and was stunned by a luminous canopy of stars draped over the hills. I was breathless at the sight and urged mother to pull over so we could all better absorb the extravagant display of lights in the heavens. It looked as though an angel had spilled silver glitter all across onyx and amethyst marble floors.
The photo I have shared in this post is not mine. I wish my words were sufficient enough to relay this vivid imagery in my head to you!
When I googled ‘Starry Night Sky’ I had an overwhelming feed of Van Gogh images flood my screen. I managed to reword my search and found this beaut.
A picture is worth a thousand words. A memory to last is priceless.


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